June 24th, 2019

Lagardère Travel Retail and AirAsia’s e-marketplace OURSHOP enter new partnership in the Pacific region

Lagardère Travel Retail and AirAsia’s e-marketplace OURSHOP have announced a new partnership in Australia to allow travellers to pre-order and collect duty-free items from arrival and departure points.

Introduced at the recently opened Aelia Duty Free in Avalon Airport in Victoria, the partnership will provide greater flexibility and freedom for travellers, alongside the ability to shop for international and local brands all year round at their fingertips.

“This is a new and exciting partnership developed with AirAsia, and we’re delighted to bring this to the Pacific region”, said Lagardère Travel Retail Pacific Region CEO Przemek Lesniak. “We believe it highlights endless benefits for our customers who choose to travel with AirAsia as it opens up a new world of accurate marketing, products and convenience within the travel retail sector.”

Customers who purchase products on will also earn AirAsia BIG Points, which can be used to redeem free flights on AirAsia, creating a cycle of value as the more miles travelled or items bought, the more customers earn points.

Josh Thompson, Lagardère Travel Retail Partnership Director for Pacific said a collaboration such as this is a win-win for AirAsia, Avalon Airport, Lagardère Travel Retail, but most importantly their customers. “Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business and as part of that, this exciting online shopping experience ensures our customers can access convenience shopping, while increasing their own benefits from AirAsia” he said.

OURSHOP Head of Acquisition Hassan Choudhury said, “What used to be a 20-minute shopping experience as travellers rush to their boarding gates is now 365 days of shopping indulgence at the tip of their fingers. I want to thank Lagardère Travel Retail and Aelia Duty Free for partnering with us to deliver this unique online shopping experience and we look forward to sharing incredible success together.”

As the preferred Duty Free operator in this program in the Pacific, the retailer is excited to explore increasing channels to enhance the customer experience.